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On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:04:49 +1000, "Palfreyman, Jim L"
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>My watch is one of these:
>(Casio module 3050)
>I was wondering whether it was good design on Casios part - i.e.
>discipline the oscillator based on the radio signal, but if yours is off
>then that throws that idea out the window. Is it the same watch?
>I really need another unit as a control.

My dial is a little different and AFIK, isn't multi-band but otherwise the same.  In
my circle of friends there are 4 identical watches including mine.  When we'd get
together for lunch or something, the first thing we'd usually do is hold our watches
together to see how close they were.  When all 4 had received a sync signal the
previous night, they'd all agree within a fraction of a second.  One could see a
slight difference between digit changes but they'd all be on the same second.

If one had missed a sync then it would be significantly off. Mine seemed to drift the
worst - figures, as I'm the only time nut in the group - but the others would drift
too.  I don't quite understand why they'd all run so close during the day after a
sync but drift so fast if a sync was missed.

I don't wear mine that much anymore, as my Luminox tritium-illuminated watch has
caught my attention.  It's the one with the quartz analog movement and a digital
chrono in a little window.  Apparently the two circuits are separate, as the analog
movement is keeping time in the same class as your G-shock but the digital clock part
of the chrono is drifting significantly.

Anyone know where I can get a tritium lit, analog face, digital chrono and WWVB radio
watch?  I've found all that except the tritium in a Casio. My Luminox has everything
except the radio receiver.  If I could only mash 'em together....

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