[time-nuts] Fury Interface Board: 5MHz needed?

Peter Schmelcher nebula at telus.net
Mon Nov 12 14:05:15 EST 2007

>I'd like to verify this myself in a similar Z3816A; can you show
>me how you got the 100 and 1,000 DAC step figures and also
>how you measured the 4 mV value? Do you also have a Z3801A
>you can measure?

The DAC numbers were intended to express the scale of the problem and were 
rounded. Using a step of 5uV and 4.5mV of ground bounce (internal + 
external) the DAC count should be 900. At the time I never thought to 
measured the minimum and maximum voltages which are the numbers you want to 
know for EFC stability.

I just soldered wires to various points then twisted them together and used 
a HP 34401A to measure the voltage difference.

Unfortunately I never got a Z3801A.


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