[time-nuts] New Time-nut and his FRK

swingbyte swingbyte at exemail.com.au
Fri Nov 23 19:53:42 EST 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions I have a lot to think about - still 
learning.  I bought the FRK for several reasons including wanting a 
stable calibrated frequency standard - to check my ocxos against.  I 
work in distributed  simulation (human-in-the-loop and faster than 
real-time) and when working with people across the world (USA, UK)  we 
all have to have the same time - otherwise the game play isn't good.  We 
have used a gps ntp system which is great until no gps - I want to use 
the FRK as a hold over.  But, also I would like to have one instrument 
at least in my home lab that is calibrated!!  This will I hope give me 
an accurate time piece to drive my other instrument from e.g. frequency 
generators, counters, DSO etc.
I have been reading all the web sites you've sent and I'm very impressed 
- gotta love the internet - otherwise we'd be lonely time-NUTS.
I have to thank Dave I think - the guy with the gas back-up power supply 
for the bunker of time equipment - my girlfriend now accepts my small 
room of stuff as acceptable rather than taking up too much room!
I'm amazed at what is available on eb*y in the US.  A lot of the time 
the shipping to AUS is too  high - but I would have no money if I lived 
over there - and the best home lab ever :)
For a comparison - check eb*y.com.au - very little will be found.


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