[time-nuts] OT: Prologix GPIB and HP3478A...The Plot thickens!!

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Nov 28 22:40:42 EST 2007

Hi Duan,

I was thinking that way until I moved on to try
another instrument, my Tektronix 7854, only to find
that the Prologix can't address it either!  The Prologix
doesn't hang like it did on the 3478A, but the Tektronix
acts as if it isn't on the bus at all.

I know we have some communication going on because if
I force SRQ on the tektronix, and issue a ++srq command
to the Prologix, the Prologix returns "1" showing
the SRQ line is asserted.  But if I do a ++spoll 10
the 7854's address) the SRQ line is not reset.

As an experiment, I put my 3437A on the bus to act as
surrogate pull up resistors; the 3437A works, but the
7854 is still deaf to the Prologix's charms.

It comes as no surprise to me, however, that when I drive
the 7854 with my HP85B, the 7854 works just fine.

[Everything works with the HP85B.,, Over the nearly 20 years
  that I have used an HP85B, I have never found an instrument
  that it couldn't make play straight out of the box.]

This is beginning to look more and more like I have a
bad Prologix adapter.

Oh Abdul??

-Chuck Harris

Daun Yeagley wrote:
> Well, I have a 3478A, but unfortunately not a Prologix. If I get my hands on one
> I could add a data point.
> Personally, I think there is a fault in that particular 3478's driver chips.
> Daun 

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