[time-nuts] Frequency distribution amp in Europe

Mark Amos mark.amos at toast.net
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I'm not expert, but I suspect that this additional cost for electronic equipment could be one of the major contributing reasons 
that the time in some European countries can be up to 6 or even 8 hours off compared to "standard" North American time (EST.)

I'm just sayin...


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Just wanted to remind everyone it's illegal to import any electronic devices into Europe without them having a CE mark.

I see there have been many projects like the Jackson Labs unit that have been imported into Europe.  This is illegal.

I don't mean to knick pick, but it costs our company about $10000 to CE mark a product.  And if we add one small option, it must 
be CE marked again.  To the small manufacturer, this kills us and doesn't allow us to offer low prices.


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