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Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
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Hi to all,
indeed, the CE-marking is quite complicated and sometimes a 'pain in the neck', 
but obviously necessary as well.
I believe that all industrial manufactured products are affected, but I am not 
anymore in touch with these regulations.

I found some pages with explanations and extracted some sentences for rough info,
see yourself:

from the European Parliament:


CE marking
 means a marking which materializes the declaration of the manufacturer that the product is in conformity with the applicable requirements set out in Community harmonization legislation providing for its 
affixing" says the committee in the agreement with the Council.

Burden on importers

In the agreement with the Council, the European Parliament underlines that importers must place only compliant products on the Community market. Before placing a product on the market importers must ensure that 
the appropriate conformity assessment procedure has been carried out by the manufacturer. They must ensure that the manufacturer has drawn up the technical documentation, that the product bears the required 
conformity marking(s), is accompanied by the required documents and that the manufacturer has respected the requirements set out in the directive. 


Does my product need CE Marking?

CE Marking is most probably required if you export to the 27 European Union (EU) and 3 European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states the following 20 groups of products
3. # Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
The "Electrical Equipment" means any equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current (A.C.) and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current (D.C.). Therefore, it is 
called often "Low Voltage Electrical Equipment" which includes the vast majority of electrical equipment in everyday use. more >>
10. Measuring Instruments
the "measuring instrument" means: any device or system with a measurement function that is covered by Articles 1 and 3;
15. Radio Equipment & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE)
A "radio equipment" means a product, or relevant component thereof, capable of communication by means of the emission and/or reception of radio waves utilising the spectrum allocated to terrestrial/space 

A. The principal guidelines for the use of conformity assessment procedures in technical harmonization directives are the following:
(a) the essential objective of a conformity assessment procedure is to enable the public authorities to ensure that products placed on the market conform to the requirements as expressed in the provisions of the 
directives, in particular with regard to the health and safety of users and consumers;

B. (b) The CE marking affixed to industrial products symbolizes the fact that the natural or legal person having affixed or been responsible for the affixing of the said marking has verified that the product conforms to all 
the Community total harmonization provisions which apply to it and has been the subject of the appropriate conformity evaluation procedures.

4. The CE marking must be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly.
(e) Any industrial product covered by the technical harmonization directives based on the principles of the global approach must bear the CE marking, save where the specific directives provide otherwise; such 
exceptions constitute derogations not from the marking requirement but from the administrative procedures for conformity evaluation, which may in certain cases be considered too cumbersome. Appropriate grounds 
must accordingly be given for any exception to or derogation from the marking requirement.
The CE marking is the only marking which certifies that the industrial products conform to the directives based on the principles of the global approach.

So far the not complete excerpts,
good luck!

Arnold, DK2WT


On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 18:10:51 +0100, Rob Kimberley wrote:

>CE testing/marking is a mine field. Not as simple a statement as self
>certifying! You need to tie in the CE certification with declarations of
>conformity (safety, EMC etc etc), all of which need testing. 

>It's an expensive business.

>Rob Kimberley

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>Hello Martyn,
>please keep in mind that CE marking is a self-certified mark. Not like the
>FCC marking, that has to be "officially" tested and certified by a big lab.
>I am  sure a lot of products from Asia just have a label affixed to them,
>and never  underwent any real testing.
>Also, most of the Jackson Labs products underwent CE testing  and
>certification by several of our European resellers, and are so marked when
>sold under their private label, so they are electrically CE compliant.
>In a message dated 8/15/2008 07:14:01 Pacific Daylight Time,
>martyn at ptsyst.com writes:

>Sorry  you are wrong.

>There is no exemtion for CE marking.  Nothing is  excempt.  All test
>equipment, all electronic equipment, even  "toothpaste" must be CE marked.

>There is no exemtion for personal  use.

>You maybe are getting confused with RoHS where test equipment is  exempt.


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