[time-nuts] LPRO-101 internals

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Sat Aug 16 14:18:32 EDT 2008


things wont get better by fooling around with the trimpots, IMO. Chances 
are some of the pots are quite sesitive, thus impossible to bring back 
to proper settings w/o detailed knowledge about the alignment procedure.

I would refer to the LPRO manual that, unfortunately, doesn't contain 
detailed circuit and alignment information, but at least some basic 
functional diagrams.
Then, put a manual from a well documented Rb (like the FRS) aside and 
try to re-engineer a detailed block diagram. This will show you how much 
it differs from the FRS, and what parts of the FRS manual are or aren't 
useful for your task. It should also show most of the functionality of 
the trim pots. That way, without having turned any pots, you'll have 
learned a lot about how the unit works, and that should be quite helpful 
for troubleshooting.


Mark Sims schrieb:
> The rubidium  lamp is glowing a nice violet color...  does not seem to be any red.  I need to compare it to one of the other units.
> If I start tweaking turny things,  I would record the position of the device,  turn it say 1/2 a turn and see if it made things better or worse.  If better, we are done.  If no change,  return it to its original setting.  If worse then turn it 1/2 turn the other direction.
> Those 21 internal jumpers seem to indicate that the unit is infinitely (OK, 2 millionly) configurable.  It would be nice to know what those jumpers do.  There has to be something useful there...
> One thing that I did not see was some kind of crystal...  I assume it is either on the back of the board or in the lamp assembly (which gets rather hot for an OCXO oven).
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