[time-nuts] FW: IIMorrow GPS units non-functional since Sunday

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Tue Aug 19 16:57:55 EDT 2008

Looks like a little "OOPS" here!

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Subject: FW: IIMorrow GPS units non-functional since Sunday



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Subject: IIMorrow GPS units non-functional since Sunday

So I jump in my little bird yesterday for a 320 nm hop to a customer
location, and find my GPS just can't get a fix on my position (Flybuddy 820,
Apollo 360).  While a little irritated by this fact, it isn't a critical
piece of a equipment so I flip the power switch off and navigate via VOR,
which delivered me safely and efficiently there and back.

I head back out to the field today to see if I can troubleshoot the issue
(armed with my manual), and find the thing can't keep track of the time.  I
set the time and a little while later it thinks it's Jan 3, 2089 (right time
of day however).   After my tinkering, I call the support line thinking I
have a dead internal battery or something similar.

It turns out every one of these units stopped working sometime Sunday and
they don't fully understand the cause or the fix as of yet.  Good news, I
don't have a malfunctioning unit.  Bad news, it's a brick until something
changes and I get to look at 2 INOP stickers.

They are working with the engineering group that provided the GPS engine for
these units , and asked that I give them a few days and check back on the
progress.   If you have one of these units, expect it isn't functional.  I
will share any news I get.

Scott Hjermstad

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