[time-nuts] While we're discussing backups...

GerryG kanab2004 at kanab.net
Mon Aug 25 22:53:30 EDT 2008

Never been a fan of clone backups, unless it's a primary server and you have
identical machines available. As for backups in distant cities or protected
storage vaults, I'd sorta think that depends on what you really need...

Another issue with clone backups of system drives, is that I've seen more
Windows internal-corruption failures then pure drive/computer failures. And
if your OS is already starting to die when you made your last backup, it
doesn't help very much.

I've got a USB bookshelf drive, together with an old workstation with big
drives for a duplicate backup. For most apps, I don't try to clone a drive,
but backup the install for the apps, together with any keys. Given Window's
scattered installation stuff, critical apps are in VmWare sessions, that can
easily be backed up and restored to any machine. Any work-in-progress gets
backed up every few hours to a memory stick. I feel those two types of
backup are really needed, especially having one that's easy and very fast to


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