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      Thanks for the info and pointers, its appreciated!

73 Warren K2ORS

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> K2ORS wrote:
>> Hello the list,
>>     Anyone know where I can get a manual for an HP z3816a?
>> HP points me to Agilent, Agilent points me to Symmetricon, and 
>> Symmetricon has nothing!
>> 73 Warren K2ORS
> I've had a z3816a for a few years. I have never found anyone who had an 
> actual manual for the unit, but the 58503B manual is pretty similar and 
> seems to describe the serial commands ok. I've never seen anything 
> specific for the z3816a about the circuits or theory of ops.
> You may know this, but here's a good link to get you started:
> http://www.realhamradio.com/GPS_Z3816A_Receiver.htm
> I modified mine to convert the 19.6608 MHz outputs to 10 MHz square wave. 
> Here is my page on that mod:
> http://www.xertech.net/Projects/Z3816/3816_mod.html

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