[time-nuts] Best choice for house 10MHz reference...??

Michael Baker mpb45 at clanbaker.org
Sun Jan 27 11:16:30 EST 2008

Hello, All--

RE: Tom Van Baak's comments on his preference for a CNS-II
for long-term, high -accuracy UTC measurements (against
Cs or maser) included the statement:

 > I don't use a GPSDO. Instead I use a plain, non-disciplined
 > OEM GPS board or something like a CNS II"


 > High-end, short-term, or low phase noise, you always use
 > quartz; long-term you always used GPS. The cool thing about
 > a GPSDO is that you get (almost) the best of both in one box.

This got me to wondering.....:

My primary need for a GPSDO is as a 10MHz house frequency
reference to externally lock my spectrum analyzer up with.
I currently have a Trimble Thunderbolt running and it seems
to be working OK--

Is this a good choice for a 10MHz long-term frequency
reference that does not require hocking my wife's
car to pay for...?  (she might notice if I did that...)

I will be a happy camper if I can reliably measure up
to the upper frequency limits of my Tek 497P/494P (21GHz)
to within +/- a few hundred Hz...

Any feedback on this will be most appreciated!!

Mike Baker
Micanopy, Florida

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