[time-nuts] Best choice for house 10MHz reference...??

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Sun Jan 27 11:40:30 EST 2008

Michael Baker wrote:

>My primary need for a GPSDO is as a 10MHz house frequency
>reference to externally lock my spectrum analyzer up with.
>I currently have a Trimble Thunderbolt running and it seems
>to be working OK--
Having just got one of the sub $300 thunderbolts from ebay, I would 
think that it is hard to beat for simplicity and price per parts per 
billion, if 10 MHz and / or 1 pps is all you need...  It compares well 
with my other gps units and with comparison to Loran, all I can do here, 
it shows in the expected 10 e -11 or -12 range after about 48 hours from 
a cold start. 

Should be fine for your frequency measurement needs.

ac6ao / g3ncr

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