[time-nuts] PCB design questions thread II

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I've had good experiences with www.pcbex.com.  A little cheaper than
pcbfabexpress (which I've also used and recommend).  Batchpcb (which someone
else mentioned) has been good for 1-off boards if they aren't too big -- 
I've gotten boards which aren't sheared quite square, but that's 
basically a cosmetic


Prologix wrote:
> David,
> These are the ones we've used. I am sure there are many others.
> Prototypes -- www.pcbfabexpress.com
> Production -- www.pcbnet.com
>>> Is there a way to split the layers of an old board apart to study them?
> An assembly shop can x-ray them for you.
> Regards,
> Abdul
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> Hi David and list
> I am quite interested in this post too.
> I have wanted to fabricate my own PCBs for several years now but I have 
> never made an attempt. I am set up here to do silk screening and I have 
> ovens and a hot-air soldering iron. Has anyone else tried to fabricate 
> their own boards or is the price of farming the work out just so low now?
> If anyone has farmed out work, could you please feedback as to the entry 
> level costs and if possible, some suggested companies?
> P.S Many of the boards I want to fabricate are replacements for obsolete 
> ones. Is there a way to split the layers of an old board apart to study 
> them?
> Thanks-Patrick
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