[time-nuts] Efratom FRS lamp assembly repair

VK3FGJM VK3FGJM at commtelns.com
Wed Jun 11 09:39:26 EDT 2008

Hi All,
About 6 years ago, I purchased a bunch of surplus Efratom FRS Rubidium
oscillators running at 10MHz, wow what a finding. All 22 units did not
lock. I would like to share my findings with the group after repairing
them some time after.
My personal opinion is, Rubidium oscillators have a great long service
life, some maintenance is needed from time to time and it may depend on
the units mechanical construction. I have kept 2 units which I operate
and they are in fantastic working order. 18 years on they have given me
a great service life free from problems.
So don't junk your Rubidium oscillator yet.
Gerald Molenkamp
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