[time-nuts] FEI 5650 Rb lamp assembly details.

VK3FGJM VK3FGJM at commtelns.com
Wed Jun 11 10:34:46 EDT 2008

Hi All,
Further to my last post about Rubidium lamp assemblies. 
Some time ago I purchased a surplus FEI 5650A that had a dead lamp
assembly. The attached files are my efforts trying to reverse engineer
the lamp assembly and document the PCB layout, schematic and my first
cut BoM of parts. Please excuse the absence of capacitor values, I did
not lift each 1208 cap to measure it's value.
I hope this helps others in their efforts to repair there unit. Please
excuse the rough sketched schematic.
Unfortunately, the unit has a more serious fault beyond the working lamp
assembly. I am keen to get this unit running as a backup, if any one has
schematics for the rest, please drop me a mail.
Good luck.
Gerald Molenkamp
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