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Mon Jun 23 12:24:35 EDT 2008

If there is NMEA Data available, there is a design utilizing a PIC chip
that will indicate 3D GPS Fix. It was published by W1AUV. 

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>Hello Jeff,
>> Has anyone determined how an interface could be incorporated into the 
>> Thunderbolt so as to show if it was locked.  Some status led's would be nice 
>> such as can be fount on the Z3801's front panel.
>provided that there is no easily accessible connector with the relevant
>signals inside the Thunderbolt, the easiest thing would be a microcontroller
>circuit listening to the serial data on the 9pin DSUB port.
>About any microcontroller with the power to process the data
>at 9600 bps will be fine, which includes pretty much every AVR,
>PIC, 8051, MSP,… currently available.
>I was pondering about that myself, but unfortunately will be quite
>busy for the following month… ☹
>	Chris
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