[time-nuts] HP Z3801A Motorola Oncore VP Firmware Dates

vendors at eshop.uoregon.edu vendors at eshop.uoregon.edu
Mon Jun 23 17:12:43 EDT 2008

Randy et al:

Thanks, Randy, for the history lesson on the VPs and their firmware.  

My previous firmware comment, however, was directed at the Z3801A's 
motherboard firmware, not the VP's firmware.  This is because my Z3801A won't
take a manually entered date after Dec 31st, 2007.  With a 2008 date I get an 
"out of range" (or something like that) error msg back.  The VP doesn't seem to
have any problems with 2008 dates from the GPS birds.  And once the Z3801A 
gets up and running with current date/time/position all is good.  

Tnx very much for the input RF connector info!  I think some washers may be 
able to space the VP a little higher to allow enough clearance for the cable 
connector on the "straight" RF input connector without hitting the IC underneath
it on the motherboard, but I've not yet tried this.  

--Larry, W7JYJ  

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