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I hope you or someone else is able to come up with a Thunderbolt controller 
for the many of us who have or will be receiving Thunderbolts.  A controller 
based on a LCD touchscreen would be great in the since that one could 
assemble a self-contained frequency standard based on the Thunderbolt.

Keep us informed in you progress with this project.

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> The Thunderbolt does not produce NMEA messages,  so you would need to 
> parse the TSIP data stream.  My C program to do that for all Thunderbolt 
> messages is around 2700 lines long.
> LOCK on the Thunderbolt is not a simple question to answer with a single 
> blinkey light.  There are many degrees of lockage and unlockage to 
> consider.  You have satellite lock,  oscillator lock,  signal quality, 
> oscillator holdover, PPS offset,  frequency offset, etc.  A simple LED 
> lock light would leave much to the imagination (but then, what you don't 
> know can't hurt you, right...)
> I am working on a Thunderbolt controller based on a small LCD  touchscreen 
> graphics controller (mega-donkey.com).  First I will probably do a version 
> that runs on old laptops.
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