[time-nuts] Home built cesium clocks???

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jun 29 07:44:37 EDT 2008

Predrag Dukic wrote:
> Bruce,
> I did my homework and collected everything from the internet I could 
> get.  I have this one too.
> If I go optical way, I still need 9+GHz  electrical source, so I will 
> first recreate electronics. Using off the shelf DDS chips, or using FPGA.
> Also I need 9 GHz AOM, so that I can split the same optical beam and 
> have two wavelengths 9ghz apart.  That is a problem because I have 
> only 350 MHz AOM.
> Multiple pass is difficult, it would take cca 27 passes to get 9 
> GHz.   On the other side, I wouldn't need the last stages of SRD 
> multiplication to get 9 GHz microwave.
> No doubt, I will have a lot of fun with the project.
> Predrag

The easiest way given your AOMs may be to use a combined optical and electrical method without dual frequency pumping - slightly less efficient but no need for a 9GHz AOM.


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