[time-nuts] Function generator

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Mon Jun 30 08:29:44 EDT 2008

The HP 33120A goes up to 15MHz, and can be uploaded with data to make 
any arbitrary waveshape you can imagine.  If it doesn't come with it, 
a small customer-installable upgrade board can be added to lock to an 
external reference.  The 33220A is the current model, which runs up 
to 20MHz.  They come in the same portable case design as the 
53131A/32A.  They are not likely to be bargain-basement prices, but 
do appear on ebay from time to time.

	Peter (G8ZZR, London, England)

>Well I've scored a nice 5370B and now I'm thinking of a function generator
>that is better than I have now. What's most important (apart from generating
>the usual shapes) is a reference frequency input.
>Whilst the HP 3325A/B (what's the difference?) looks good and would match
>perfectly, I'd appreciate others' opinions on what might be a good buy.
>Jim Palfreyman

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