[time-nuts] oscillator choice question

chris at yipyap.com chris at yipyap.com
Sat May 1 19:28:04 UTC 2010

I'd like to build a GPS disciplined frequency standard.

I am slowly gathering up pieces.

I have a Trimble Resolution T GPS card that appears to work,
and an antenna for it.

I'm thinking now of the oscillator part.

I have two Racal 1992 counters with the stable oscillator option 
(probably 04E since these are former military units).  I also have an 
old Schomandl  ND-100M Frequenzdecade signal source with an  (I assume) 
ovenized oscillator w/unknown properties.

I'm wondering if I could use an oscillator from one of these
gizmos instead of shelling out real money on ebay?  Speaking of
which, it seems like half the people in China are selling oscillators.
I assume some of them are good for this application and some not
so good?  The usual suspects from HP and Agilent are there, and
they seem to command a pretty good (high) price.  Which is why
I'm eyeing the Schomandl.


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