[time-nuts] oscillator choice question

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Careful.  What you are contemplating can be very addicting.

I am not familiar with the units you mentioned but I have used the HP 10811.
They can be had for not much money on occasion but seem to be around $100
now days.  One such example is 350335841291 on e..y.

I have also used an HP 105B which is a stand alone system that includes
power supply, battery back up, and puts out 5 MHz, 1 MHz and 100 KHz.  Both
used Brooks Shera's controller card and seemed to work ok.  It offers rather
easy integration with the GPS controller card as well as the ability to
remain on and fairly stable once disciplined.

I suspect this would be good as well, 180399463609, on e..y.

The Trimble Thunderbolt needs +5 VDC, +12 VDC and -12 VDC but is a self
contained GPSDO putting out 1 PPS and 10 MHz.  Not much construction
required with this but needs a computer to monitor function.

How do you plan to discipline the oscillator?


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I'd like to build a GPS disciplined frequency standard.

I am slowly gathering up pieces.

I have a Trimble Resolution T GPS card that appears to work, and an antenna
for it.

I'm thinking now of the oscillator part.

I have two Racal 1992 counters with the stable oscillator option 
(probably 04E since these are former military units).  I also have an 
old Schomandl  ND-100M Frequenzdecade signal source with an  (I assume) 
ovenized oscillator w/unknown properties.

I'm wondering if I could use an oscillator from one of these gizmos instead
of shelling out real money on ebay?  Speaking of which, it seems like half
the people in China are selling oscillators. I assume some of them are good
for this application and some not so good?  The usual suspects from HP and
Agilent are there, and they seem to command a pretty good (high) price.
Which is why I'm eyeing the Schomandl.


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