[time-nuts] Fluke monitor

msproul msproul at suddenlink.net
Wed May 12 18:04:56 UTC 2010

>My fluke.l monitor stopped working today ...

Mine stopped yesterday

>The monitor is a recent model and has the regulator.

So does mine and I run the board from a 9V regulator.
The display is built into the same box as the gpsdo

>I left it on overnight,

Mine has been on continuously for over a month

>The backlight is fine and the display works.
>.... and occasionally gives garbled displays of other data.
>.... alternating between ... some data or other every few minutes, 
>but the data doesn't appear to be accurate.......including question 
>marks in numeric fields,

Same thing here

Other errors that I get :

2 lines of date & time
Only one line of date & time on the display
It has frozen displaying only one line of date & time for several minutes

Sometimes displays "TSIP LED Monit"

Ocassionally only the back-light is on, nothing displayed
This lasts for a couple minutes then resumes "normal" display.

There seems to be a pattern developing. Is this an inherent problem
with the processor board or with the software? All together, mine has been in
operation about 3 months which would seem to rule out a software problem.
The occasional  display of "TSIP LED Monit" would indicate that the processor
is being reset as this is normally seen at power-up.


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