[time-nuts] GPSDO - was - oscillator choice question

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Mon May 17 01:19:19 UTC 2010

Parts for the Brooks Sheera W5OJM design are getting hard to find also need the extra divider mod for the 10 Mhz OCXO

The James Miller G3RUH design is popular for simple if you have the right GPS receiver with 100Khz out.

VE2ZAZ design has a few issues with ground loops ( a fix is out there) and using the same buffer for all outputs, may also need a buffer amp for the 10811, another mod would be a separate voltage regulator for the ECC voltage.

I think all three designs would fall short for most on the list, but for me it is hard to tell the difference.

Did you have another design in mind ?



Now I am reading Time-nuts history and I see that
there is no consensus on which of the popular/published GPSDO
configurations is the best return on effort and expense.
That is rather disappointing.

Any comments on that before I just flip a coin?


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