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Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat May 22 03:00:43 UTC 2010

Sorry about the empty post -- hit the send key by accident.

Ulrich's free Z38XX program works great as a monitor for the Z3805. He 
added some stuff to specifically support differences from a Z3801. The 
Z3801 programs can be used but can't support the extra satellites the 
3805 can track.

Available here: http://www.ulrich-bangert.de/html/downloads.html

The lower 25-pin connector is the serial port you want to connect your 
PC to. Someone mentioned 488; I think that is only on Z3801's. My Z3805 
has a serial interface on the lower 25-pin connector.

You do know that you need an external active GPS antenna, I hope? You 
never mentioned that you had connected one.

It takes a long time to lock the first time in a new location because it 
has to do a survey first. You can make it go a bit quicker if you use 
the monitor program to set your latitude an longitude close first. The 
box should eventually lock without a PC monitoring, but you will, no 
doubt, feel much better if you can see the satellites it is tracking and 
any status messages as it goes through the process.

The monitor commands are very similar to the Z3801. You should be able 
to find some Z3801 user documentation and command reference docs on the net.

Hope that helps a bit.


Robert Benward wrote:
> Hi,
> I just purchased a Z3805A at the Dayton hamfest this past weekend.  How do I 
> get it to work?  Do I need software to run this, or can it run stand alone. 
> I have turned it on, but only the power light comes on, the GPS lock, and 
> more importantly, the enable light is not on.  There is an 10MHz output, but 
> the holdover light is not on.  Is there any freeware available?  Any 
> recommendations?
> Any opinions on this one:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/GPS-Receiver-Program-HP-Z3801A-Z3805A-Z3816A-58540A-/250566043297?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a56e666a1
> Thank you in advance.
> Bob
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