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jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat May 22 04:15:40 UTC 2010

Rex wrote:
> Sorry about the empty post -- hit the send key by accident.
> Ulrich's free Z38XX program works great as a monitor for the Z3805. He 
> added some stuff to specifically support differences from a Z3801. The 
> Z3801 programs can be used but can't support the extra satellites the 
> 3805 can track.
> Available here: http://www.ulrich-bangert.de/html/downloads.html
> The lower 25-pin connector is the serial port you want to connect your 
> PC to. Someone mentioned 488; I think that is only on Z3801's. My Z3805 
> has a serial interface on the lower 25-pin connector.

On the 3801 (and probably the 3805, those who know can correct me) there 
are some jumpers inside that set the style of serial i/o: rs422 or 
rs232.  You should check to see which it is, before you hook it up.

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