[time-nuts] Data sheet for the old version of Dallas DS18S20 used in TBolts?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue May 25 20:42:32 UTC 2010

> I have a 2001 Thunderbolt and it uses the DS1620 chip  which is nothing like
> the DS18S20. Did you double check  the number? 

Thanks for the correction.  (I've been using the DS18S20 in another project 
and forgot to switch my head back to the right chip.)

I have data sheets for the DS1620 from 053105 and 072099.  The text on the 
fancy temperature conversion looks the same.

The difference might be at the command/register level.  I took a quick scan 
and didn't see any differences.

Is 072099 old enough?  Does anybody know what the critical differences is?

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