[time-nuts] Data sheet for the old version of Dallas DS18S20 used in TBolts?

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Tue May 25 21:39:37 UTC 2010

Another source of info on the high resolution mode is Application Note 
105.  Maxim doesn't have it any more, but there are a few copies 
around.  The Internet never forgets..........


Hal Murray wrote:
>> I have a 2001 Thunderbolt and it uses the DS1620 chip  which is nothing like
>> the DS18S20. Did you double check  the number? 
> Thanks for the correction.  (I've been using the DS18S20 in another project 
> and forgot to switch my head back to the right chip.)
> I have data sheets for the DS1620 from 053105 and 072099.  The text on the 
> fancy temperature conversion looks the same.
> The difference might be at the command/register level.  I took a quick scan 
> and didn't see any differences.
> Is 072099 old enough?  Does anybody know what the critical differences is?

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