[time-nuts] Data sheet for the old version of Dallas DS18S20 used in TBolts?

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Tue May 25 21:22:48 UTC 2010


At least with Lady Heather there seems to be a problem with the 
temperature graphing with the "newer" chips. The DS1620s that give 
the temp in steps have an 'E2' or whatever as the last two characters 
on the second line. The chip most Thunderbolts have has a 'D2' as 
the last two characters. I have replaced a couple of the 'E' chips with 
an older 'C' version from 1999 and that corrected the graphing as well. 

I don't think that the chip makes any difference internally but only in 
the graph display on Lady Heather. 


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