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Sat May 1 12:37:47 UTC 2010

datasets from a dual frequency receiver, where you want to solve for a
static solution or maybe a moving receiver (kinematic/ solution).

Standard measurements are code and phase measurements for L1 and L2, mayb=
also a doppler measurement.

If I remember the Thunderbolt interface discussions we had correctly ther=
is only a code measurement available from the Tbolt.

At least in the past the online services has been limited to dual
frequency data and solving for a static position. There was also
geografical limitations where say a US based service would not process a
european dataset.

Still its an interesting project to setup an "amature" Common view proces=



> Hi
> From a quick look it's not real clear how you would go about extracting
> time from the software suite. It's certainly useful for navigation thou=
> A secondary gotcha is that the TBolt likely has some internal "issues"
> that distort the data a bit. Running a TBolt on both ends should wash o=
> the ones that are firmware based.
> Bob
> On Jul 7, 2010, at 8:54 PM, jimlux wrote:
>> Bob Camp wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I just got through poking at a couple of TBolts with Lady Heather. It
>>> appears that you can indeed get the hardware and software to put the
>>> TBolt into single satellite mode. That may enable a pretty simple GPS
>>> common view setup. One way to do it: Somebody picks a set of sats and
>>> times that make sense. Since the constellation repeats it's going to =
>>> a fairly simple table of this sat / that time. At those times they ru=
>>> their TBolt against something pretty good and log the results
>>> The logs get put on a site somewhere
>>> Somebody else wants to do a comparison. They set up to monitor the sa=
>>> satellite at the same time. They log the data.
>>> They download the posted data.
>>> They run the math on the data, out comes a time comparison between th=
>>> two locations. Should be fairly simple to try out. Anybody with a goo=
>>> house standard want to give it a try?
>> Couldn't you run your data against Gipsy/OASIS or similar
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