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Sat May 1 12:37:47 UTC 2010

readboarding & custom pcb only=0A=0AStanley=0A=0A=0A=0A----- Original Messa=
ge ----=0AFrom: Joseph Gray <jgray at>=0ATo: Discussion of precise =
time and frequency measurement <time-nuts at>=0ASent: Fri, July 9, 20=
10 10:53:25 PM=0ASubject: Re: [time-nuts] PICTIC II Parts - SOIC to PDIP Ad=
aptor=0A=0ASame ebay seller, different layout.=0A=0A
000&ff4=3D263602_263622=0A=0A=0AJoe Gray=0AW5JG=0A=0AOn Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at=
 9:06 PM, Tom Clifton <kc0vsj at> wrote:=0A> Would something like eB=
ay 180460919851 be a suitable "adaptor"?=A0 The =0A>description=0A> says th=
at it takes .1 header pins on .3 centers 'ready for socket insertion'.=0A> =
I'm sure that there are other places (Sparkfun) that sell similar adaptors =
for=0A> those that have an aversion to on-line auction sites for one reason=
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