[time-nuts] UTR timescale draft spec

cook michael michael.cook at sfr.fr
Sat Aug 6 06:00:55 UTC 2011

Le 06/08/2011 04:32, WB6BNQ a écrit :
> Michael Sokolov,
> I do not mean to be disrespectful, but this list is not about creating time
> scales
No, indeed, but as the subject is time I see no reason that he should 
not advertise the project here.
> I am going to ask that you respect this position and take your problems back to
> the list that is centered on that subject matter.  Or from another perspective,
> you could create  your very own list server and call it “Time-Scales” which would
> seem to be much more appropriate.

Michael does in fact address that. I quote from his draft review:

"An open membership Internet mailing list will need to be set up to 
which any person or entity with an interest in UTR can subscribe and 
participate in free
unmoderated discussion. "

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