[time-nuts] Regarding time lab acquistion GPIB Need Help

Paul A. Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
Fri Aug 19 21:37:42 UTC 2011

Folks I am trying my best here but I keep coming up with questions.

I found a NI PCMCIA-GPIB card and have it running in my Laptop

The laptop is has the proper cable to connect to my 776 Keithley Counter

2 10 MHz signals into A and B inputs

Set the counter to phase of A to b and the  degrees tick away 

The NI communicator  tells me that the IDN command was sent but no response.
BUT If I press the read command I a return from the counter that corresponds
to the reading on the counters LED display .

TI  responds the same way, frequency works as well  what ever mode I put the
776 in I get that back in the GPIB window along with the correct numerical

Now I open TimeLab,  Open the acquire screen, select GPIB listen only mode 

Press the monitor key and there is a continual stream of values PHAS+
177.75e +0  CHANGING AS THE DISPLAY CHANGES  incrementing the correct

Press measurement and the screen changes to "preparing acquisition"  and
then stays there.

No acquisition takes place It just stay like that..

I am so close I can taste the data

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Paul A. Cianciolo
Our business computer network is  powered exclusively by solar and wind
Converting Photons to Electrons for over 20 years

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