[time-nuts] Locked onto LORAN 8970 GRI Monday AM

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Feb 5 09:59:21 EST 2013

Hi Paul,

I guess my point is, what is the point in firing up the
transmitter for hours at a time, using the old coding, if
they aren't planning on using the old coding?

They could be doing propagation tests, but all of that was
worked out 40 years ago and is available in white papers
galore.  So, if they aren't testing the new coding, what
are they doing?  It's not like you have to fire the transmitter
up every few days to keep the oil warm.

-Chuck Harris

paul swed wrote:
> Chuck
> Their interest is indeed a time service as an alternate to GPS. There is no
> intent to re-activate much of the actual chains its not for the old
> location service at all. UrsaNav has published several ppts that show what
> there interests seem to be.
> I think the key business is selling new rcvrs that can take advantage of
> the new transfer method. Some of the work they have done shows that setting
> up a transmitter in the mid US has very good coverage but setting up 2
> really does a very fine job.
> But all this said. Its unclear to me as to how the power bill gets paid
> every year.
> WWVB seems to have the gov paying the bill. And for us east coasters you
> don't get what you pay for. Not so sure UrsaNav has that backing.
> But selling rcvrs sure isn't going to pay for that electric bill even if
> they are far more then we time-nuts can afford.
> So I want to thank UrsaNav for at least putting a compatible signal out for
> the moment. Will enjoy as long as I can.
> I actually believe what we are seeing is a tug of war between NIST and
> UrsaNav for the actual transmit funding. Neither has a need to support the
> past to survive.
> Regards
> Paul

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