[time-nuts] Z3805A/58503A time receiver : 2 questions

Volker Esper ailer2 at t-online.de
Wed Feb 27 19:26:48 EST 2013

Hi Claude!

Said says, you should see 6+ sats, I guess he means _at_least_ six. I'm 
almost sure, you've got a 6 channel receiver, so you naturally cant't 
get more than 6 sats at a time.

There are some different models of the Z3805A out there, though they're 
all named the same. I've got two units, one with an 8 channel and one 
with a 16 channel receiver. My 8channel unit never receives more than 6 
sats at a time, never. So I'm shure, it's a 6 channel type...

Maybe I should improve my antenna. But the same antenna provides enough 
voltage to receive 12 to 14 sats at once with the 16 channel unit. On 
the other hand, my 6/8 channel gizmo very rarely shows less than 6 sats, 
so, like Said, I too think, that there is some space for improving your 
antenna. What antenna do you have?

One day, while using the 16 channel unit, I experienced the same hops as 
you did. All time nuts told me that it had to be a crystal jump. I read 
about such phenomenons and all I found was, that the jump in my receiver 
was too big to fit to the idea of a crystal jump. Unfortunately my 
receiver gained fun in jumping. Now I'm absolutely not sure what it is. 
Maybe it's a faulty oscillator. Which one do you have built in? A 5 or a 
10 MHz type? I've got a 10 MHz HP and a 5 MHz Symmetricom oscillator.



Am 28.02.2013 00:17, schrieb Claude Fender:
> Hello,
> This is my first message here although I read this list for a few weeks.
>   I bought a Z3805A/58503A frequency receiver  and I didn't notice on the pictures that the model number was not  written on the front panel. It's not important but is there a reason for that, if you know ?
> The item : http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251226027893
> I log some parameters of the receiver and today I notice a "gap" in the frequency.
> Picture : http://uppix.net/e/2/4/cf39ac772e5a69fc616f5cf30f208.png
> I have a Rubidium and I measure it's frequency with a 5334B counter locked to the GPS, and I can see the "gap" too :
> http://uppix.net/f/b/a/d86c2737ad135264e4a2b78e503d5.png
> measurements are with Gate Time of 10s, 60s and 100s,
> Do you know why this happens and how to prevent this behaviour ?
> Thanks for yours advices
> Claude
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