[time-nuts] TAPR kit- Success!!!!!

Art Sepin art at synergy-gps.com
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I reviewed the TAPR GPS Kit documentation and realized that nowhere did it say: "If the TxD  indicator does not flash, it means the M12+ is waiting for a command from the host computer." That sentence is now included in the revised GPS Kit document and will be available tomorrow on this page: 

Here is the revised paragraph in full:
TxD— The TxD LED will momentarily flash RED whenever the GPS Kit is sending GPS data to the host. If the TxD
 indicator does not flash, it means the M12+ is waiting for a command from the host computer. After the internal RAM backup battery is fully charged (24 hours of continuous operation) the SynPaQ/E will remember the receiver’s setup through a power cycle – e.g. user selected output messages, message output rate, antenna mask angle, etc.

The RxD indicator only flashes when setup commands are received from the host device. Once the GPS Kit is set up, the RxD doesn't flash unless a new command is received.

Synergy's SynTAC test and diagnostic software automatically initializes the M12+ included in the GPS Kit. After this setup is complete, the TxD indicator will flash at once per second:
 It's not necessary to purchase SynTAC to accomplish automatic initialization of the GPS Kit since it is fully functional through a 30 day sample period.

Apologies for any inconvenience!
Art Sepin

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Just sent this to in response to an off list response from a member but I wanted to share with the group. 
I'm now seeing at least 8 satellites with just the tiny patch antenna sitting out on a chair on my deck (not connected to my main time system antenna out in the back yard) Success! Thanks to all for the help. 

> Hi Francis,
> Well, I got home tonight and connected up the receiver to the PC and opened Lady Heather. No com port detected. Closed and opened Trimble Tboltmon.  Nothing. Hyperterminal. Nothing. 
> I then downloaded WinOncore12 and went through receiver setup. It did a self diagnosis and passed. I unplugged the antenna and reran and it said low antenna current. So it must be talking. 
> I'm now in signal quality screen and seeing satellites!
> The receiver must have been in some weird state and needed to be set up again. I'll leave for a while then try Lady Heather again just to see what will happen. 
> For some reason tonight, now the RX LED isn't on (it comes on if I unplug the serial connector from the laptop) but now the TX is flashing. 
> Thanks for the help and encouragement. 
> Chris
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