[time-nuts] TAPR kit- Success!!!!!

Chris Waldrup kd4pbj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 21:22:02 EDT 2017

Just sent this to in response to an off list response from a member but I wanted to share with the group. 
I'm now seeing at least 8 satellites with just the tiny patch antenna sitting out on a chair on my deck (not connected to my main time system antenna out in the back yard) 
Success! Thanks to all for the help. 

> Hi Francis,
> Well, I got home tonight and connected up the receiver to the PC and opened Lady Heather. No com port detected. Closed and opened Trimble Tboltmon.  Nothing. Hyperterminal. Nothing. 
> I then downloaded WinOncore12 and went through receiver setup. It did a self diagnosis and passed. I unplugged the antenna and reran and it said low antenna current. So it must be talking. 
> I'm now in signal quality screen and seeing satellites!
> The receiver must have been in some weird state and needed to be set up again. I'll leave for a while then try Lady Heather again just to see what will happen. 
> For some reason tonight, now the RX LED isn't on (it comes on if I unplug the serial connector from the laptop) but now the TX is flashing. 
> Thanks for the help and encouragement. 
> Chris

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