[time-nuts] RS-232 Pin Outs for the Acron Zeit WWVB LCD Clock

Philip Jackson TimeNuts at philipjackson.com
Sat Jul 22 15:50:04 EDT 2017

I'm wondering if something like this $10 item


Would perform the same function as the components in the factory cable once I've figured the pinout at the clock end, which shouldn't be too hard unless someone has done that already.  Or would I need to find an similar device which inverts the incoming logic first?
TTL to RS-232 adapters seem fairly common and probably cheap for them just to source off the shelf from an OEM supplier.   
I don't know if I've seen an inverting one and that would seem a more costly approach than handling the inversion on the clock board.

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The LM-358 Op-Amp is used to Invert the Serial Data (RxD, TxD) stream.
Coupled with the usage of an RJ11 (4P4C, modular) ... 
the connection would have to be a minimal 3-wire serial (RS-232 or TTL/UART)https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS-232#3-wire_and_5-wire_RS-232
Ground is easy to find, and TxD and RxD is a coin-toss (50:50) if you hook-up right.
greg, w9gb
I thought I could answer this question (Acron Zeit) easily, since I had the cable right
at hand. But my continuity detector gave strange results.

I opened up the D-shell and found a small circuit board with diode,
capacitors and what looks like an ST358 op amp.

Paul Alfille
==Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Philip Jackson <> wrote:
Does anyone have the serial pinout info for the Acron Zeit clock?
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