[time-nuts] Local System Time Sync

Lee - N2LEE lee at n2lee.com
Tue Jul 25 22:45:19 EDT 2017

I have what I believe is a simply question. Especially for this illustrious brain trust. :)

How can I force Lady Heather to time sync the local computer system it is interfaced to ?

Isn’t this what the /ts[odhm] command accomplished or I am misunderstanding ?

- Thunderbolt is interfaced to a Mac laptop running LH5
- Connection is USB to Serial cable (might be the issue because of no PPS)
- Turn off Internet NTP sync on laptop
- Purposely set laptop time 15 seconds ahead
- Enter / then after the dash(-) I enter tsm to sync system time every minute.

I thought this would force the system to sync ever minute with Thunderbolt time.
But it doesn’t it. It never corrects the laptop time, it is always wrong.

What am I missing here ?



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