[time-nuts] Local System Time Sync

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 26 00:07:26 EDT 2017

On macOS and Linux,  a program that messes with the time needs root privileges.  Try running Heather via the sudo command.   Then issue the TS keyboard command.  If you hear a beep after a few seconds, that verifies that Heather can set the system time.  Automatic time sets don't beep...

Note that Heather's time sync code is rude and crude and socially unacceptable.  It just jams the time down the system's throat.   It can set the time forward or backwards...  and a some programs don't like being thrown back in time...  but if one lives on a desert island without NTP, one's gptta do what one's gptta do to keep one's clock wound.


> I thought this would force the system to sync ever minute with Thunderbolt time.
But it doesn’t it. It never corrects the laptop time, it is always wrong.

What am I missing here ?

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