[time-nuts] Thunderbolt rollover glitch

Pete Stephenson pete at heypete.com
Sun Jul 30 06:35:09 EDT 2017

On Sun, Jul 30, 2017, at 04:49 AM, Mark Sims wrote:
> It looks like it took three hours for the effects of the rollover glitch
> to mostly settle out.
> BTW,  if you only use Lady Heather with a Thunderbolt,  you can force the
> rollover state from the command line or heather.cfg file by using the /ro
> command line option.  If you do that you won't have invalid dates for the
> 10-15 seconds it takes for Heather's automatic rollover corrector to kick
> in.   If you have /ro in the heather.cfg file and wish to temporarily
> cancel it to play with another receiver that does not have a rollover
> issue,  you can start Heather with /ro=0 

I saw a very similar glitch.

Out of curiosity, have you done anything particular to keep the
oscillator so stable? Mine seems a bit more noisy: if I set my display
to 2ppt/div as you have, things are off the scale. I typically see a
span of ~1000-1500 ppt with an RMS of ~100-200 ppt.

To be fair, I'm just using an old Cisco power supply from the eBay
vendor that sold me the Thunderbolt, and my Thunderbolt is sitting on a
block of foam on the floor in a room at the apartment with no particular
temperature control.


Pete Stephenson
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