[time-nuts] HP 5065A repair...

Ulf Kylenfall ulf_r_k at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 18:28:41 EDT 2017

 After having salvaged an old 5065A that was
decomissioned in 1987 due to Rubidium cavity
heater short circuit, I have now, several
weeks later eventually managed to what I think
repair it. 
Using a GPS-Diciplined HP105A
as oscilloscope trigger, the 5MHz O/P is
absolutely still. "Continous Operation"is ON, and the values indicated on thepanel meter are almost matching thosewritten on the operating chart back in 1987.

The next step is to take the 5065 to my work
where we have two H-masers. Then it will be possible
to see if it meets the old specification.

A BIG Thank You 
to Corby Dawson!for valuable help and also to people providing
the documents found on KO4BB site ("First Aid...")
Ulf KylenfallSM6GXV

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