[time-nuts] Skilled Math Editor(s) Needed

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Tue Jan 2 20:59:48 EST 2018

Perry et all

As someone who indirectly makes a living (? ...ok so it pays for my 
addiction to expensive electronic toys) with OCR as a tool , I can tell 
you that OCR can bring a host of errors.Most OCR engines that i am 
familiar with do not read in context. The largest error source are 
characters that look very similar which can be aggravated by the 
particular font used the lower case "L" (i.e l) and the number "1" are 
often mistaken by OCR engines . For years HP/Agilent for example used a 
font where these two were identical. Other sources of OCR misreading "I" 
(both upper case "I" and lower case"i" ) mistaken for the "L" and "1". 
Other common errors are "8" and "B"; "6" and "G" ,and so on. If accuracy 
is the end goal then and exhausting proof reading (a science into it 
self) is required ....have fun

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> Lastly, textwas transferred by OCR

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