[time-nuts] Suggestion for a timing GPS receiver (Trimble / Ublox /other?)

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Tue Jan 23 12:24:06 EST 2018

On 2018-01-23 08:11, David J Taylor via time-nuts wrote:
> Dear fellow nuts,
> I plan to build a decent GPS/GNSS-based Stratum 1 NTP server, and I'm
> looking for a good and possibly affordable timing GPS receiver.
> []
> Am I overlooking something or missing interesting options?
> Cheers,
> Paride IZ3SUS
> ============================================
> Paride,
> As Mark notes, you don't need a timing precision GPS receiver for NTP
> [...]
> Stephen mentioned the newer series-8 ublox modules.  These are indeed
> excellent (and can receiver Galileo too)

Thanks David and thanks to you all for the advice you gave me, I
carefully read all your replies and learned quite a few things.

At this point I think I'll start tinkering with the cheapest module I
can get (and it will probably be a LEA-5T). Once I'll have everything
set up, if I'll be still having fun, I'll consider buying a newer
module, probably from the Ublox M8 family. We will see.


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