[time-nuts] Advice on Austron 1250A

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Sun Aug 19 02:59:30 UTC 2012

Hi Paul,
No, I'm not at the MIT flea market... wish I were able to make a few of 
those meets.  I understand lots of fine equipment changes hands there. I'm 
at the annual hamfest in Huntsville, Al this weekend.

 And thanks for the others who offered good advice.  I think I'll buy the 
unit and make it part of my bench.  I have a couple extra HP 10544 
oscillators (salvaged from trashed HP 5238A counters). and a 10811 that's 
taking up space on the shelf.   I was thinking about putting them on Ebay, 
but now I think I'll hang onto them until I'm comfortable with the 1250A 
unit. I might dream up some kind of hookup to put them all to use.

Thanks for all the advice and info...
Dave M

> Any chance that would be the MIT flea? If so another time-nut in the area.
> I will be there and it looks like a good day.
> To your question. Good standard and all. I suppose a reasonable price. But
> with all of the gpsdo and rbs and such available its kind of allot. Sort 
> of
> depends on what you actually need or simply want.
> Want, its good price. :-) and it completes your world famous Austron 
> Museum.
> Though I was happy getting my HP 105s for $75 each and they were clean and
> working.
> Good luck
> Regards
> Paul.

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