[time-nuts] Advice on Austron 1250A

Tom Knox actast at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 19 03:28:10 UTC 2012

Hi Dave;
The 1250A is a fine clean-up oscillator.  As you get into LPN and ULPN quartz like the 1250A it is really an art form with some of the exact same items substantially out performing others. With a unit like the 1250A it could be good to great. It would be a huge improvement in close in Phase Noise vs an LPRO alone, but may not be much better PN the a GPS with a 10811. Some others may have more insight but I would say the Austron 11XX's oscillators are generally a step up from the 10811, but both can have widely varied specs. With standards that age replacement of key caps could be required. I would go for it if you do not have another disciplined quartz oscillator you will have fun with it.
Best Wishes;
Thomas Knox

> From: dgminala at mediacombb.net
> To: time-nuts at febo.com
> Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 20:23:45 -0500
> Subject: [time-nuts] Advice on Austron 1250A
> Does anyone in the group have any experience or advice on the Austron 1250A 
> Crystal Frequency Standard?  I have a chance to buy one for $250 tomorrow at 
> a local hamfest, but can't find anything in the archives on them.  It's very 
> clean, and the seller says that it is in perfect working order.  He's local 
> to the area, so I can easily get back with him in case of troubles.
> I have a PDF of the manual, so maintenance shouldn't be a problem (barring 
> parts unavailability).
> Good deal, or pass it up for a lower priced unit?  Or recommendations for a 
> different mfr/model?  Price is a consideration; that's one of the reason I'm 
> interested in this unit.
> Manual states long-term stability of <5x10e-11 per day after 90 days.
> Thanks for advice,
> Dave M
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