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A DSO works great for this.  One of the few things that I prefer a DSO for
over an analog scope.  For an analog scope, it's easier to tell the scope is
triggering once per second than actually see the pulse.  To see the pulse,
turn the lights out, turn the sweep and intensity up and don't blink.  IIRC,
my TBolt 1 PPS is about 5 uSec wide and about 5 VDC.


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> It's a pain to capture on any scope, but really easy to see with an 
> LED across the output.  it's not bright, but definitely easy to see on 
> my tbolt.

That is true.  One must have very good eyes to see a one microsecond pulse
that only happens one per second.  Blink and you miss it.

The LED might work but the "for sure" way is to send the PPS to a flip flop
so you can see the state change at 1Hz.  Use a solderless bread board and 5V
power supply.


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