[time-nuts] ublox chip sets - what GPS device should I buy?

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Fri Aug 31 23:00:47 UTC 2012

On Aug 31, 2012, at 4:05 PM, David Kirkby <david.kirkby at onetel.net> wrote:
> I don't have it yet, but bought it on eBay today from the seller
> "agilentused" which is Agilent, and sells used/ex-demo units which
> have been reconditioned, and have a fully warranty. Since I have not
> [...]

I bought my MSO7104B oscilloscope from the same seller and was overall very pleased. It did take a long time to get the scope with the software options that I requested (6 weeks). But, they apologized and offered to include another $3K of options of my choice to compensate for the delay. The 3-year Agilent warranty was also important to me.


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