[time-nuts] Measuring the accurcy of a wrist watch

Ulrich Bangert df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de
Tue Apr 15 11:37:42 UTC 2014


today I would like to propose a question that may be a bit OOT for the group
but I became interested in it:

Watchbuilders and juwellers use an instrument to measure the accuracy of
mechanical watches. I am not aware of the correct name for this instrument
in English but in German it is called a "Zeitwaage" and my internet
translator calls it a "timing maschine". For mechanical watches the timing
maschine uses a microphone to detect the acustical impulses of the balance
spring (correct word?) and compares it to a xtal. 

Some research has shown that there is an comparable instrument for ANALOG
quarz watches. As far as I understand it does not try to detect the quarz
frequency but detects magnetic pulses from the step motors that move the
hands of the watch. 

Has anyone of you ever tried to do this in a time nuts laboratory?

Best regards and TIA 

Ulrich Bangert
Ortholzer Weg 1
27243 Gross Ippener 

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