[time-nuts] Measuring the accurcy of a wrist watch

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Apr 18 06:12:34 UTC 2014

info at blackmountainforge.com said:
> My concern is that the moving balance wheel could have an eddy current
> induced into it and the resulting magnetic field might cause it to slow
> down. 

If that's a problem, it should be possible to measure it.  That assumes the 
pickup works when near but not in contact.  So measure with it near enough to 
get a clean signal, then nearer.

bob91343 at yahoo.com said:
> Yes, magnetic fields mess up mechanical watches.  My dad was a watchmaker
> and found the need to demagnetize all the watches he worked on.  The
> hairspring was the  most sensitive part, and the coils would stick together
> if magnetized, and the watch would run very fast. 

Steel makes very good springs.  Are there any non-magnetic materials that are 

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